BIG Ecosystem Changes

Major issues concerning global climate change are affecting ecological forests, grasslands and tundra’s which are resulting in vast ecosystem uncertainties.  A recent study by NASA ( illustrates the prediction that by 2100 – just under a century away – global climate change will “modify plant communities covering almost half of Earth’s land surface.”  This is affecting Earth’s natural habitats and will eventually result in the frequent obstruction of migration for plants and animals.

In addition to altering plant communities, NASA’s study also suggests that the recent climate change will disturb the ecological stability between interdependent and endangered species.  Correspondingly, climate change will reduce biodiversity, affecting Earth’s water, energy, carbon and other essential and basic elements.

Co-author, Duane Waliser states that “the study developed a simple, consistent and quantitative way to characterize the impacts of climate change on ecosystems, while assessing and comparing the implications of climate model projections.”

This article sparked an interest to me because it sets worries and concerns to the ecosystem that we belong to.  Climate change not only affects our plants, our animals and our landmasses, but it also affects our people and our lifestyles.  We must begin stabilizing Earth’s climate in order to quicken the preservation of our land and to improve our atmosphere and our ecological systems.

The following chart predicts the changes in our futures’s ecological landscape:

– Shannon

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