Canada: Not Taking Part in the Drive Towards a Green Environment

As I was looking around the internet, looking for Canada’s policies or agreements in connection with climate change, it became apparent to me that there quite frankly are none. Article after article, all they said were “this is what Canada hopes to do.” But and the end of the article it will explain how the government is either A) not following it or B) going in the opposite direction of helping the environment. After the media clip I presented, I decided to look for actual Canadian policies to restore my hope in Canada helping the world with climate change, and that was all I found.

One article in the Toronto Star especially caught my attention. It talks about Canada’s role in the recent G20 and UN meetings around the topic of climate change. It goes on to explain how ignorant (I guess you could say) Canada is being when it comes to climate change. They have gotten the Fossil of the Year award 3 years in a row!

When there was a meeting with China, Brazil, India and even the US, to discuss climate change matters, Canada never showed up. This is something I would expect from the American government, but I would have never guessed that Canada would be acting so ghastly.

After Canada dropped out of the Kyoto Protocol, they said they need a “Made-in Canada Plan” which was more realistic. When they set out to make this plan, they then stated that they needed commitment on an international level before they can make such a big step! Again this is something I would have expected more from the American Government.

Another article from Climate Action Network Canada says how Canada should not even receive the Fossil of the Year award anymore and they should just give it to the next person because they have become so “egregious” or outstandingly bad that they are not even worthy of that award. That’s how bad Canada’s role in climate change is on an international level.

I always thought that Canada would not be the country to get left behind or not take responsibility to such a big issue. I’m not sure if it’s just the Conservatives or if all parties will act this way, but regardless of all, change is definitely needed.

Here are some political cartoons to lighten the mood!

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