Losing focus

When I think of climate change and Canada’s winters, I think about the sad but realistic possibility of no longer having a white christmas. I think about having to walk around the pond on my walk home because it’s not frozen enough to walk across, I worry about never knowing what to wear in the morning because the weather is so unpredictable. I find my self facing all these insignificant issues, while others are coming face to face with extinction.

Within days of its publication, this image because a world renowned symbol for the immense tole in which climate change was taking on the polar bears habitats. Listed below is an example of one of the news articles revolving around the photo.


The article stresses not only the quickly declining remaining number of Polar bears, but the change in the bears overall physique.

This is where it gets interesting, days after these articles began appearing in papers, hundreds of websites, youtube links and news stations began reporting on the “truth” behind the image. It became rumour that the image was actually taken in the summer, august to be specific.


It amazes and disappoints me to know that people are willing to spend so much time attempting to expose such photos, while ignoring the actual problem at hand. Whether this specific image was a hoax or not this is now a reality. The polar bears are in grave danger, and yet we are focussing more on rumours than actually making a difference, as soon as the image was “exposed” everyone returned back to their everyday lives and the Polar bears were left where they started struggling for survival.

What is it going to take for society to get up and do something? The sad reality is that society is losing focus, we are more concerned with fake images than actual issues.


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