Make it bettererer?


A lot can be made about the dangers our world is facing with climate change.

SO,  as much as I want to point out the problems that our world faces, I would rather like to spend  a moment talking about what I feel I can do to affect change…

here’s a shalackma fun fact… I am a licensed contractor with roughly 8 years on the job experience… One of the things I never understood about new construction, is why isn’t it mandatory for every home or building to have things like solar -both photo voltaic cells for electrical generation, and hot water heaters, similar to the kinds people use for their pools  –  or wind energy technology designed an built in with the new construction. Perhaps you have never thought about it before, but there is a large amount of wasted square footage on the rooftops of all buildings and homes. That area could be used for… well just about anything. This may not be the best picture of Guelph but, if you look closely, you’ll see most of these rooftops are empty flat areas.

During the several years that I have been a contractor, I was privileged to have been a part of some interesting projects. Slowly I have been learning about all of the things that I would do when… and if… I own a home.

Here are a few things that I am going to consider when I look for my home. 

This is called supersmart ground source heat pumping or geothermal heating. This technology works for both the heating and cooling your home at a low cost: the electricity to run a couple pumps. Combined with a radiant heat system – pipes of warm water in the floor of the home, which heats the house – you have a very efficient heating system without having to burn gas.

This supersmart heating and cooling technology comes with heavy up front installation costs. In my opinion however, over the course of your home ownership, the cost is worth it.

Then there is this, it is called genius 

Water, one of our most precious resources – and we waste a tonne of it.

Canadians rank second only to the United States in terms of highest per capita water use in the developed world. A “general lack of awareness” about the pressures placed on Canadian water supplies, combined with a “lack of strong water conservation ethic, which is encouraged by the myth of water abundance” helps to explain why we are the second worse abusers of water in the world.

This Pie graph is a rough estimation of the average Canadian home water use in Gallons per day (1 gallon is approximately 4 litres).

A genius grey water system recycles the water that we use daily for use 2 or 3 times over. Water from our showers, or dishes, for example, gets partially treated (cleaned) and then reused to flush toilets. After that, the water can then be used once for keeping a garden.

While I was busy learning about sustainability and dreaming about having a number of things like the things mentioned above in my future home….

Little did I know that these AWESOME things were being built. Take a look at this


This is the south facing wall of an Earthship.

The idea behind the earthship is to be a self sustaining living area. containing some of the things I mentioned above but getting way smarter more practical and cheap.

I do not think that I could go full blown earthship when I finally own a home, but I can say that my plan for self sustained living got a whole lot more wicked cool probable (click that link to learn more).

Like you, I try very hard to take care of everything I own, and keep my stuff in its original condition. I do not abuse any of my personal belongings (except my sports equipment).

What I am saying is, I think about the smalls steps I am taking to limit my impact on our world, MY world. I look at the things that I am doing, and trying to do like keeping the world in the same like new condition I found it in… so that when I give it to my children, it will still work the way it is supposed to.



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  1. shalackma says:

    A friend of mine sent this to me after reading this blog

    It is about home similar to earth ships

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