Standing his ground!

Although this isn’t specifically Canadian news, it’s an issue that would have intern affected us. Obama has finally come to a decision on the Keystone Pipeline project!

He has officially denied the permit for the pipeline proposal. The pipeline project would have been run from the tar sands in Alberta all the way down to Texas at the Gulf Coast.

Although it seemed like a relatively easy project with minimal negative outcomes, there was worry that it would affect the water sources in surrounding areas.

One of the most important water sources that was in mind was the Ogallala aquifer which supplies clean water to approximately 2 million people in the state of Nebraska.

Nebraska’s Governor, Dave Heinema wrote letters frantically urging President Obama to decline the permit for the pipeline expansion. He was thinking about the population of his state and worried that the pipeline would have severely harmful effects of Nebraska natives. He was looking to conserve the aquifer as well as Nebraska’s economy.

Right now Obama is faced with threats from big oil companies and money issues, other politicians, as well as people who are completely against the XL pipeline project. He was able to look past all these people who had a big impact on his decision-making in order to do what he thought was right for the country.

President Obama also made a phone call to Prime Minister Harper explaining why he denied the project, as well as it being possible for TransCanada to reapply for the permission to once again continue with the project when a new route has been developed.

In my opinion I find that President Obama made the right choice in deciding to not allow permission for the Keystone project to continue. There were too many risks as opposed to rewards in terms of both long-term and short-term consequences.

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