Thin Ice

It is so exciting to see a good snowfall; maybe I can actually go tobogganing like I wanted to way back in December, or maybe I can go skate on the pond when it gets cold enough, oh wait… I cant anymore! The city of Guelph has now posted warnings about the local ponds. To me, this does not seem like a problem that would happen until the end of March, but check it out!


Here is the link to the article.

It might not be affecting everyone globally, but I know for sure this problem is not just affecting the city of Guelph; it is affecting many people in southern Ontario who have been experiencing the crazy temperature flux this winter. Pond skating and tobogganing have always been a winter classic for many friends and myself. But just recently stormwater runoff ponds are seen as hazardous.

On the icy mornings, the salt trucks are out piling extreme amounts of salt that not only leaves that beautiful crusty white look on your car and boots, but by the afternoon when it is plus six degrees out, the now salted water is running into these stormwater ponds which causes ice that can form in the future not to be safe.

If I didn’t hear this on the radio, I would probably still be skating on ponds. I thought this article was interesting because this problem is not something that one would sit and think about on a daily basis. It would have never crossed my mind before! But now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense and it goes back to how climate change is starting to affect us locally in small ways. Let me know what you guys think!

 Looks like its indoor rinks for me!

 – Jocelyn. 

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