Ten Ways to Go Green… and save money!

Hey all!

So I was just thinking about phrases that go along with halting, or slowing, climate change. The first one that I thought of, and I hear it quite often is “go green”! So, I Googled that phrase, and this article from World Watch Institute came up. It’s ten ways to go green and to save green [I’m sure we’d all like a little more cash in our pockets]. I really enjoy this article because its extremely simple and doable actions we can do to help slow climate change and to live a greener life.

From this list, there are two that I really, REALLY like that are really, REALLY simple.

The first one is: “save energy to save money“. This is pretty basic and it’s something we can all do pretty easily. Whenever the temperature begins to drop, peoples’ first reaction is to turn on the heat. And article by Statistics Canada  states some facts about how Canadians keep their homes warm in the winter. It says that 4% of Canadians used a wood stove as their principal heat equipment, 13% of Canadians used a steam or hot water furnace, 30% of Canadians used electric heating, and a whopping 52% used forced air furnaces as their principal heating equipment. Now, these statistics are from 2005, so the numbers could be slightly different now, but instead of that, why not try putting on a sweater, or using a blanket, or making a cup of hot tea? By doing this, you’re still getting warm and cozy, but also being more environmentally friendly. A bonus to this method is you’re lowering your heating costs!

Another suggestion from this article to save energy and money was to invest in a smart power strip. I had never heard of this before, so I did some investigating. At the end of the day when you turn your television off, normally some power would still be going to the speakers, the DVD player, etc. Well, basically, a smart power strip senses when you’ve turned off an appliance. As a result of this, the power strip then also cuts power to other peripheral devices which saves you energy, and money.

The second suggestion from the initial article that I really liked is: skip the bottled water! Attention world! This is SO EASY TO DO. Instead of setting aside some money to buy that 24-pack of bottled water every so often, set that money aside and invest in a reusable water bottle, or a water filter, or both! As for the water filter, Brita is a great brand and has a variety of products! You can get the actual pitchers that you put into your fridge, or a product that snaps onto your faucet and filters the water that way! Brita has tons of products that you can find here. Of course there are other brands out there; this was merely the first brand that came to mind. Now onto the topic of reusable water bottles. Literally, I see stores everywhere selling them. Personally, I bought my one litre Nalgene water bottle from the University of Guelph bookstore and I love it, but you can buy them at a variety of stores. I’ve seen them at grocery stores, cute stores in the malls and even Walmart! They come in a variety of designs, so for all of you fashion forward people out there, you can even stay trendy with your water bottles.

Although climate change is a scary thing, and stopping or slowing it seems like a huge mission, there are little things that we can all do individually that will make an impact. Please, read the initial article by World Watch Institute and choose one thing off their list and vow to do it. I promise you, it’s easy. It can be as simple as riding your bike or walking instead of driving, borrowing a book instead of buying it, or two of the options that I previously mentioned above.  If we all do this, we can most definitely have an impact on the world.

Talk to you all later!

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