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Good Idea? Bad Idea?

When I started this post, I went to TED talks. Searched for ‘climate change’. This is what I found. This video made me ask several questions. The first was “why have I not heard of anything like this before?” and … Continue reading

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This picture describes the green house effect on the climate.

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Change Can Happen and Will Happen, Are You In ?

When learning about climate change I often find all of the negative impacts and future  predictions discouraging and overwhelming. It is a challenge to remain optimistic about the future when it feels as though the Canadian government is not taking … Continue reading

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How to Go Green!

I hate to bring up such a morbid topic, but do you ever wonder what the environmental impact of death is? With over 50,000,000 people passing away each year, the funeral industry has a constant demand, but their practices are … Continue reading

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Lets All Turn Concrete Green

Hey everyone! I was looking for easy ways to go green. I was looking for something different and something that is not going to change my daily routines and I came across an interesting concept called green walls or living … Continue reading

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The Great Boreal Depression

Canada’s Boreal forest is the perfect definition of a ‘blue forest’. Its surface is comprised of endless rivers, lakes and wetlands.  The forest is one of the last intact forests remaining on earth. It is a fundamental source of benefits … Continue reading

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It’s Getting Hot In Here

Advertisements have the ability to make people think about the message in ways that can change their life. According to Seth Shostak, “Media isn’t an educational medium, it’s an emotional medium.” Several studies have shown that people tend to model … Continue reading

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