We Need Green & Safe Life !

Hi guys,

Today I am going to talk about the consequences of the climate change on vegetation life. There are many consequences that affects the growth of the planet or not work so well, however, I will talk about the important of the Biodiversity, moreover, I will explain how the plants adapt to the climate change.

* Biodiversity.

Today, we can recognize the consequences that climate change on vegetation life. Biodiversity has been impacting as a crucial impact of it. According to the CBD, The impacts of climate change on biodiversity are of major concern to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).  There are evidences from scientific that climate change affected the biodiversity plants, and it still affects it as lots. For example, climate change affects vegetation by changing the type and distribution of the planet.


Climate change could be the result of increasing growth of the vegetation, which could affect the airborne CO2; however, it might affect our environment as well.

 * Here in this picture we can see the features of the biodiversity in the vegetation life.

So, now lets see how the plant adapt to the climate change?

Dr. Kew is one of the scientific that are curios about vegetation life and how to protect it from climate change. He is a really curio about the health and life of the vegetation, and he tried a lot to understand how could the plant could adapt to the change that happened in the climate. Dr. Kew and his experts is trying to have new ways to develop vegetation life in order to save its life as much as possible. They use different ways one of them is by adopting a seed, and the second way is by educated people especially who love the vegetation life and care about it. Here is the video that will describe Dr. Kew’s idea and how it work with vegetation life.


To sum up, we need to live in a green and safe green life.

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