Oceans need some love too

When looking at climate change the general focus is on the changes happening on land. The overall greenhouse gas emissions that are contributing to climate change do not only affect us on land but also plants and animals in the oceans. This is often overlooked by many organizations because of the fact of how expensive it is to conduct research and experiments under seas.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assessment report in 2007 displayed 28, 500 biological changes on land as compared to only 85 in the marine environment. The reason for this lack of information on the ocean environments was due to the fact that there was a cutback in government funding for the marine research.

Above ground climate change strongly affects the weather causing more severe temperature fluctuations
as well harsh storms, and tornadoes or cyclones.  Many of the cyclones that occur seem to get stronger as they travel over the oceans because of the temperature differences from on land to the ocean. These storms are quite vicious and often affect the distribution, quantity, breeding cycles and migrations of marine plants and animals.

Climate change is what is affecting these organisms in the long run. It may not happen instantly or the very next day but the pollutants that are emitted into the atmosphere from land will in turn affect those organisms which reside in the oceans.

These migratory animals have to travel further north to accommodate themselves due to their changing habitats the fact that the ocean warms slower than land is irrelevant.

We do not only have to help to reduce the global greenhouse gas emissions for us and the various species living on land, but also for the animals we aren’t as in touch with. Marine animals and plants play a huge role in the ecosystem as a whole and we should be working to help preserve them as well as their natural environments.

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