A Choice We Have to Make

Being born and raised in Canada I always grew up with this sense of pride. Everyone has that pride when they think about where they’re from but this was always bigger. I felt Canada was amazing. We had nature, we were peaceful and most importantly we where green, or at least seemed to be green and care about our environment. As I’ve grown older and become more aware of what is going on around me, I’ve come to the realization that Canada isn’t as amazing as I once thought. It’s a harsh reality to find out that Canada has pulled out of something like the Kyoto Protocol. It seems as time goes on, Canada continues to lose interest in the environment.

Ethical oil is the biggest issue I have with Canada at the moment. For those of you who don’t know, ethical oil is the “Fair Trade” choice in oil. Instead of buying conflict oil form overseas, or other parts of the world, oil from right here in Canada is supposed to be better. It is said to “protect the rights of women, workers, indigenous peoples and other minorities including gays and lesbians” As stated on the Ethicaloil.org website (http://www.ethicaloil.org/about/). Ethical oil is just a way to bring more money into the Canadian economy, money that Canada isn’t in dire need of. The biggest issue I have when it comes to ethical oil, besides the harm oil extraction in general has on the environment, is how bad it makes Canada look. With ethical oil being so important to our Prime Minister, it looks as if we don’t care about our land or the environment in any way. The extraction of oil produces a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions and the worst part about this is Canada won’t even admit this. On the website there is a catergory labeled “Myth & Lies” and one of the Mythbusting questions is: “Are the oilsands major greenhouse gas emitters?” The website goes about answering this by explaining how much China harms the environment and has large coal-fired power plants which release toxins into the air. This is the issue, Canada only wants to blame someone else. We don’t want to admit that we are harming our environment and greatly influencing climate change.

I want to one day feel the same love I felt for everything Canadian, instead of having this bad taste in my mouth about what we as Canadians are doing to the rest of the world. How can we change the path Canada is on? Can we do something to convince our government and people of Canada the importance of our environment?

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