It’s Getting Hot In Here

Advertisements have the ability to make people think about the message in ways that can change their life. According to Seth Shostak, “Media isn’t an educational medium, it’s an emotional medium.”

Several studies have shown that people tend to model their behavior on what they see. Some time ago, global climate change was a disputed fact, but nowadays it seems to be accepted as more of a reality. We truly have to thank all the different forms of media for making this progress. There is still the ongoing debate on whether climate change is manmade or not, but I personally believe that even though humans may not be the sole contributor to rising temperatures, we have definitely made a huge impact on carbon dioxide emissions.

Lifestyle change is the only solution. The only way to get people to change the way they live will be to mass communicate messages. Media has the power to convey messages that will convince people to change their lifestyle, and doing this will hopefully pose as an example to others.

There have been many awareness campaigns that attempt to inspire action. Many of them send positive messages, while some are too intense. It is important to realize that these campaigns were created to educate, and even if the specific ad does not seem to affect us in this current time, it may be affecting someone else. I have found a few advertisements that I believe will inspire all you fellow bloggers, readers, friends and family.

The Snow Globe Ad:

This is a South African ad, which was produced for Greenpeace. I’m sure everyone has a snow globe lying around somewhere, with a little smiling snowman inside. This ad plays on the theme that we will truly miss winter when it’s gone forever.

















The Bedtime Stories Ad:

This is a British ad that has received many controversial reviews. The most common complaint was that it is too scary for children. For me, the most important part of this ad was when the little girl asks her father, “Is there a happy ending?” This ad only reaffirms me of the fact that we can make a happy ending if we work together to change the way we are treating our world.

The Mumbai Pool Ad:

This swimming pool in Mumbai, India, has been built to raise awareness about the threat of sea level rises as a result of global warming. This idea was originally created to be just an ad, but the idea was so good that it was eventually constructed in 2011.

The Act Now Ad:

This advertisement speaks for itself, “We are running out of time, act now before it’s too late.” The hourglass is a very effective way to show the message of running out of time, making this ad very creative yet informative.





















Try and make a beneficial global impact, because right now, that is all we can afford to do. For more interesting ads, please visit this site. Although controversial, many of them do have a strong message.



About melzig93

Hello, my name is Melissa! I am a first year student at the University of Guelph studying Microbiology. I am a member of the Cool Heads for a Hot Planet: Canada and Climate Change first year seminar course. I am interested in climate change because it currently and will continue to effect everything and everyone globally. I am very interested in the effects of climate change on animals as I hope to attend veterinary college after completing my undergraduate degree. I hope you enjoy my blogs! :)
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3 Responses to It’s Getting Hot In Here

  1. morgandobro says:

    Wow! The CO2 commercial is very powerful. Great job, Melissa!

  2. amanda kayleigh says:

    Awesome pictures Melissa! Very inspirational 😉

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