Climate Change & Human Health

“Climate change is a significant and emerging threat to public health, and changes the way we must look at protecting vulnerable populations.”, according to World Health Organization (WHO).

Here in this short video there are some statistics that show how dangerous climate change on human health, representing by Dr. Mirta Roses, Director of the Pan American Health Organization.


According to Health Canada there are 7 categories of climate change that plays a major impact on human health.

1. Temperature.

The temperature plays a major role on human health impact because the extreme cold weather or the extreme heat weather could lead people to be illness. Moreover, it could increase the patients’ numbers who have the respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses.

2. Air quality.

Air quality and climate change are communicated together. Every second we as people and builder for our environment work to lead our environment to be worse without known or recognized that by burn the fossil fuels in our cars; moreover, we use it to heat, cool, and light our rooms. From this point, we could recognize that air quality and climate change could affect our heath by lead to respiratory diseases, cancer and especially breast cancer, and heart attacks and many cardiovascular diseases.

 3. Health effects of exposure to Ultraviolet Rays.

There are many consequences from being facing ultraviolet rays; for example; people who face the ultraviolet rays will have skin damage or they might have skin cancer. Also, their immune function could be disturbed (sunburn).

These three consequences that I mentioned above I believed are becoming as the major from all other. To sum up, I think we should be curious to climate change and have many solutions and ways to develop it to have better life. In this short video I watched that we are the most responsible generation of climate change effect to the people’s life and the world as all because we are facing and recognizing the problem as the first generation.



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