Canadian Birds VS Climate Change

My past posts have been ones that were pretty much opinion based so I thought I would do one of my blogs in a more descriptive manner. I was looking for a Canada Goose jacket online and it hit me, maybe I should look into how climate change has effected Canadian Birds.

I came across a site called Nature Canada and it went through the various struggles that are making it hard for birds to lead their normal lives.

Birds base their life cycle on the environment and migrate, breed etc. when the climate is a certain way. Nature Canada went on to explain how 96 species of birds over a 63 year study have shown migration patterns with them leaving later and coming back earlier due to earlier springs and later winters.

With weather changing so fast with 15+ degrees of change in temperature over night its hard for birds to know which stage of their life cycle they should be in. Whether it be breeding or feeding or preying etc.

Some birds however do not realize that spring comes earlier and winter comes later and do migrate based on their previous patterns and due to this it is harming their life. For example, when Spring comes around, the birds should be back right when it starts in order to use the resources to their best ability. BUT when they come later, most resources have already been used by other birds who came back earlier or some resources are no longer there. A caterpillar that the bird could have eaten would be a butterfly by the time they got back.

Along with some birds changing or having a hard time understanding a new system of migration, some birds are slowly shifting north for a more ideal weather. With more birds moving north, it is disrupting not only our ecosystem without the birds but as well as the new ecosystem they are in due to too many birds!

Due to all this, the chances for extinction of certain Canadian birds is rising, it is very hard for them to understand these rapidly changing climate patterns. It is not only birds, its also insects who are being affected as well. I found an article that goes into further detail about how climate change is bothering the lives of birds and insects.

Nature Canada explains that it is trying to help and has spent 450 000 dollars since 1996 in preserving local areas that have a large population of birds in order for them to live their for a longer period of time and prosper and they are working in the boreal forest which has a large population of birds as well.

Nature Canada does not seem like a government organization so I decided to look into what the Canadian government is doing to help this problem and all I found was the Migratory Birds Convention Act. This act was enabled in 1994 after the star of the Migratory Birds Convention in 1916. I wasn’t able to find any information on actual things or event the government has been taking place in to help with this problem. I’m not sure if it is cause it was just never published or maybe they have never actually acted on helping.

(I kind of think its the second one due to the lack on interest Canada has in climate change)

Here’s a little cartoon I found on animals/birds migrating north for better weather condition!

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