Climate Change & Animal Health

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Last time I discussed how could climate change affect human health. This time I am going to discuss how climate change affects animal life.

“More and more countries are indicating that climate change has been responsible for at least one emerging or re-emerging disease occurring on their territory,” said Dr Bernard Vallat, director general of the OIE.


Moreover, the World Animal Health Organization which know as OIE did a survey in mostly all countries even if they are developed or non-developed and they found that 71% of them were really curios and concerned about the impact of the climate change on animal disease. So, I believe it is really important topic that we all should concern about because most of us rather than the vegetarian will suffer without animal; we eat them, raise them, hunt them … etc.


There are some diseases that relevant in Ontario, which affect animal’s life:

First, influenza.

Influenza especially A viruses that infects a specific type of animals like, swine, horses, birds, .. etc. Because these viruses are easy to transmit, it could affect new animals from the same species I mentioned previously or a new host. In poultry, influenza could be a reason for drop in egg production or many clinical respiratory diseases. The diagram below shows the structure of the influenza A virus.

Second, rabies

Rabies is a disease that affects all mammals in their neural tissues. It is caused by a virus (Lyssavirus subgroup within Family Rhabdoviridae). Always the victims of this disease are dies because it is a serious illness. Fox rabies entered Ontario from the Arctic in the early 1950s. From 1958-91, with the exception of 1960-62, Ontario reported more cases of rabies than any other state or province in Canada and the United States. The numbers peaked in the late 1980s at over 3,000 cases annually, according to Ontario Forest Research Institute.

Here in this picture it illustrate how this serious illness affects human and animal.

Third, tuberculosis and brucellosis. 

Tuberculosis and Brucellosis which known by (TB)  is a disease of animal; its origin in Canada, and it is usually associated with ruminant animals. It is a bacterial disease that affects mammals’ tuberculosis in various organs. There are many symptoms that may be associated with infected animals; it may also suffer respiratory disease in animals. The sufferers have a chronic disease associated with insomnia.

To sum up, there are many other diseases that discovered in Ontario/Canada and the cause of it is climate change as Ontario Forest Research Institute said.

If you interested you can enjoy read this research paper which done in 2003 by Greifenhagen, S and Noland, T. : )

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