Women & Climate Change

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According to Oxfam in Canada, “Women are the most likely to suffer from climate change, but they are also the most capable of creating change and adaptation within their communities.

They believe that women with social power can struggling against the consequences of climate change or just minimize it. 

During any natural disasters women are mostly die than men. Weather-related disasters were multiplied in the past decades. There is a study done by the London school of Economic found that women have a higher rate of death than men during the disasters and that linked to their lack of rights such as they can not leave their houses without a male companion.

In the past there was enough rain…but now things are different. The rains have disappeared… What can I do to address this thirst? I get so anxious. There aren’t enough words to express the pain.’ (Martina Longom, a farmer and mother in Kotido district, Uganda)

With climate change the illnesses and diseases are increased; moreover, the women are the main caregivers for who is sick in their families.  Climate change has increased floods and droughts, and it leads to outbreaks of cholera, diarrhea and many others. Malaria and dengue-carrying mosquitoes have been spread. According to Oxfam, water-related diseases alone kill over two million people every year, most of them women and children.

Regarding to global warming changing, there are increasing number of armed conflict including violence against women.  Lack of resources was the cause that leads to wars in order to access to water and arable land. So, with war there is an increasing number of violence against women. 

Women have a great knowledge in how to adapt with climate change; however, they need many things to convert this knowledge to solutions such as tools, power, and resources.

Lorena Aguilar from the International Union for Conservation of Nature in Costa Rica talks about women as agents of change in the climate change movement.


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