Secrets beneath the Ice

Climate change research is everywhere, yet many of us are unaware of what is going on around us every single day.  There is more that lies beneath the ice and it is up to us to discover these secrets!

Almost three miles of ice buries most of Antarctica, covering a continent half as large as the United States.  But when an Antarctic ice shelf the size of a small state collapsed in less than a month of the year 2002, it shocked scientists and raised the possibility that Antarctica may be headed for a meltdown.  Even a 10% loss of Antarctica’s ice would cause catastrophic flooding of coastal cities, destroying huge land masses and causing major concerns for us citizens.  Last year, the state of Nebraska decided that everyone should be educated on these terrors and shocks of climate change, so they started a NET documentary called “Secrets Beneath the Ice” as a way to inform University students and the community regarding the environment.

“Secrets Beneath the Ice” explores whether Antarctica’s climate past can offer clues to what may happen. NOVA follows a state-of-the-art expedition that is drilling three-quarters of a mile into the Antarctic seafloor. The drill is recovering rock cores that reveal details of climate and wildlife from a time in the distant past when the Earth was just a few degrees warmer than it is today. As researchers cope with the harshest conditions on the planet, they discover astonishing new clues about Antarctica’s past—clues that carry threatening consequences for coastal cities around the globe.

“The main component of Focus Nebraska is highlighting issues of the environment,” said Matan Gill, the ASUN  Sustainability Chair. “We know that what has been done is some of the most innovative and least disputed research that has to do with climate change.”

“Secrets Beneath the Ice” has provided awareness to people all over and has brought such attention to issues facing the planet.  It has encouraged others to start their own climate change awareness groups and organizations.  Universities all over Canada are now funding administrations in order to inform our world on the adverse effects that climate change is capable of doing to our environment, to our society and to our people.

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