Think About Others!

With this being my last blog post, I wanted to talk about something that would hit Canadians on a more personal and relatable level on how serious climate change is. So this post is going to be about the Canadian North and how climate change is largely affecting them. Maybe this way people will realize that climate change is happening and its effecting people in the country their living in, just a bit north.

The Aboriginals and Natives that live in the North were the first people to occupy Canada; they were here before any settlers and any Europeans. Just how the Europeans lived in Europe – before setting out to find new land – the Aboriginals were doing the same in Canada. Up until now, there are still these populations living in Canada’s North. This helps to understand how long and for how many generations’ communities have been living and manipulating the same land to live their lives in a natural way in harmony with the environment. With Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions continuously rising, the world is getting warmer and Arctic regions experience the effects sooner than any other areas in the world.

GHG emissions will inevitably warm the earth and cause permafrost in the Canadian North to melt and be permanently lost. Communities and settlements that either lived on these areas or used it to hunt and gather vegetation will be lost. Along with that goes the personal attachments with the land, where people have grown up, watched their kids grow up and where their ancestors once called their own as well. Imagine having a family home, with a large amount of land to call your own, that your family has had for longer than anyone can remember. Your parents, grandparents and their grandparents all grew up and lived in that home and off the land for vegetation and meat. You yourself grew up there and slowly, due to climate change, the land that your home was on and the area that you called your own to gather vegetation just disappears.

Many people think that Aboriginals will just find a new area of land and find new vegetation and new sources of food – which they probably will for as long as they can – but no one thinks of what toll it has on them personally to have to give up such significant areas of land due to reasons that they play no part of.

Also while living in the suburbs of Canada along with majority of the Canadian population, the Government would help us when we face such problems. They wouldn’t reduce emissions (because they probably will never try – read my first blog post to learn more about that) but would give us ways to cope with the changes. Also the Government doesn’t have a very good history on helping the people in Northern Canada so they cannot even rely on the Government to help them – but that is too much to discuss through one blog post.

So the next time you’re thinking about driving to a friend’s house down the street or driving to check the mail – think about what you would do if you were facing the troubles the Aboriginals were facing – they may be far away from us but we are all Canadian. 

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