Ways To Stop Climate Change!!

Do you think climate change is a BIG problem that all the world facing right now? Okay, I am going to give you some advices that you, your friends, your family, everyone, and me could do it to help to resolve this problem. So, we can all together lower our carbon emission by these following tips:

1 ) Recycle and use recycled products.

Most of the products that we us made by recycled metal, plastic, paper or glass. Using less energy to re make products than made from completely new materials, it reduces carbon emissions. “Recycling paper also saves trees and lets them continue to reduce climate change naturally as they remain in the forest, where they remove carbon from the atmosphere.”(The Nature Coservancy). 

 2 ) Act globally, eat locally. 

Try to shop for your food from local farmer because if you go to supermarket some of the food that you buy might come by plane from other side of the world, moreover, it is burning fossil fuels. So, shopping in the local farmer could be better because the food is fresher and healthier than the globally one, and for sure you will help in saving the climate change :).

3 ) Turn down the heat.

I’m sure most people can not live without using the heating or air conditioning, however, try to save energy from using it by turn it down when you are out of your home or even if you do not need it.

4 ) Travel light. 

Walking or biking instead of having a car would save our climate from the gas emission. Cars and trucks run on fossil fuels, which release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. According to Nature Conservary, in the United States, automobiles produce over 20 percent of total carbon emissions. Walk or bike and you’ll save one pound of carbon for every mile you travel.”

There are a lot more of the tips that could help in lower the carbon emission. If you interested, you can read this article : ) 




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