What’s With All the Secrets?!

My question is, how are people supposed to find out about the changing Canadian climate when there are so many policies against the information holders? This article mentions the grief scientists have to go through in order to provide information to the public. There are certain procedures that must be followed before the public is able to receive any information from media. There was a media protocol that was enacted in 2008 which requires scientists to get an official approval before engaging in any communication with the press. This process often leads to delays in interviews that go well beyond the deadlines of the reporter leading to the public never hearing about the issues at hand. Not only do Canadians miss out on the opportunity to be informed of many issues as well as miraculous findings but the rest of the world also suffers from this suppression of information.

With restrictions like this, there are instances where people are just completely uninformed of the events that are happening. For example, the issues of the Arctic ozone hole radiation, as well as the effect of aquaculture on wild salmon is being hidden from the public. According to information leaked from Environment Canada, the media coverage of climate change has fallen by 80% since the new policy between scientists and reporters came into action.

At the University of Victoria, senior scientist Professor Thomas Pedersen explains what he believes about PM Stephen Harper wanting to control the message that is sent out to the public. Prof. Pederson believes that it is to “ensure that the government won’t be embarrassed by the scientific findings of its scientists that run counter to sound environmental stewardship.” He also believes that, “the federal government would prefer that its scientists don’t discuss research that points out just how serious the climate change challenge is”.

Another professor at the University of Victoria, Andrew Weaver explains that, “The information is so tightly controlled that the public is left in the dark”.  The government chooses what they want the public to know and they alter it to mean something completely different than what it originally meant. The more scandalous the topic is, the less likely you are to hear about it, because of the fact that scientists are basically restricted from giving the whole message to the public.

Climate change “is real, and it’s happening. And it’s negatively impacting Canadians everywhere”. And having the facts hidden is not helping anyone. Even if members of the government do not want to fall into the “trap” that is to help stop climate change, it does not mean that they should be forcing people to follow suit.

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