Going Green

There are many different ways that one can go green to help preserve our environment.  Small changes at an individual level can lead to big changes globally. Here are some ways to go green that one might not think of, but are also very simple to do.

Start a Home Compost

Home composts are a simple way to significantly green up your home, by reducing the amount of waste you send to the landfill. Instead of putting those food scraps in the garbage, just throw them into a small outdoor bin.  Composting takes little effort: Sprinkle some water on your bin of old food, stir it up, and nature will take its course, turning your waste into free yard fertilizer.

Some cities even collect organic waste in a green bin and have a very specific list of things you can and cannot compost. Here is a link that explains more great things composting does for the environment.

Eat Sustainably

Did you know that if you cut out one meal of chicken every week for a year and replaced it with vegetarian food, it would be equivalent to taking half a million cars off the road?

Even if you can’t imagine yourself going vegetarian, removing just one meal of meat a week can drastically cut down the greenhouse gases that result from raising livestock.

Here is a video on how to buy sustainable foods.

Clean Green

No need to use harsh chemicals to clean your house. Get back to basics by buying eco-friendly cleaners, or better yet, make safe and effective household cleansers yourself- baking soda, lemons, and plain white vinegar are everyday household items that you can clean with! Check out this David Suzuki guide for household green cleaner recipes

All of these ideas are just a couple easy ways to go green. Every little bit counts!


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