Mexico Goes Verde

The Mexican house of representatives have passed a Climate Law that when approved by the Mexican Senate, will be only the second such law in the world!


 The law requires the entire country to reduce its carbon emissions by 50 % by 2050, and this is how they plan to do it…


  • The government will make rules to phase out fossil fuel subsidies
  • Make renewable power fully competitive with oil, gas and coal
  • Cut dirty carbon emissions by 30% by 2020 with international support
  • Ensure that 35% of Mexico’s electricity will come from clean sources by 2024


As if this isn’t motivating enough, Mexico has made it clear that they plan to achieve all these goals while maintaining a strong focus on equity, conserving Mexico’s environment and ensuring full and broad citizen participation. 

Woohooo Mexicoooo !


Despite many people’s knowledge, Mexico is currently the 11th biggest economy and emitter in the world! Which is why the passing of this law is such an essential  and monumental step in fighting climate change!


These are the world’s 14 largest economies (GDP, purchasing power parity, 2008, in US dollars):

  1. USA           14,960 billion
  2. China         7,800 billion
  3. Japan         4,487 billion
  4. India           3,319 billion
  5. Germany     2,863 billion
  6. UK             2,279 billion
  7. Russia       2,225 billion
  8. France       2,097 billion
  9. Brazil         2,030 billion

10. Italy           1,801 billion

11. Mexico       1,578 billion

12. Spain         1,378 billion

13. Canada       1,336 billion

14. South Korea   1,312 billion

It is believe that Mexico will be the 5th largest economy in the world by 2050, and if they continue  on this path of leading the world in fighting climate change they will also be one of the greenest!

 We can only hope that Mexico’s ambition will encourage other countries such as Canada and the United States to follow their lead in becoming green leaders, maybe then we will finally be able to see a brighter future for our world.







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