Young Activists

Climate change is something that is affecting us all right now. People of all ages are presently experiencing the effects of climate change they are also the ones who are contributing to it.

As of right now we have to start thinking about our children, and even ourselves. Older generations are the ones who are leaving behind the earth for us. However there are certain things they need to help us do before we fully inherit the earth. They need to help us make it clean.

Children all around the world are working together with their communities to educate people about climate change and its effects on us. In Indonesia there is a program called Lead Indonesia. One of the programs within this organization works towards having children become young educators on the topic of climate change. Children are the ones teaching and carrying on the exhibitions. 

In my opinion, having youth educate people on climate change makes a big statement. Personally I get the impression that the older generation believes that students within the younger generation do not typically care about anything at all, especially about something as important as climate change. By having young students educate ordinary people attending the exhibitions about climate change, it displays how serious and dedicated they are to having a safe and clean earth later on in their life time. If they are the ones who have to live on earth longer in the future, then they should be the ones willing to make the change and spread the word to other people to help with the climate change movement.

Another young activist group is called Young Voices for the Planet. This is an organization that works to find young children who are dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint. They have a series of videos that present how these young people are using science and data collection to reduce their carbon footprint in their homes, schools, communities, and even states! 

Right now everyone, not just the older generation should be working towards creating a better environment for their children as well as everyone else to live in in the future. Just like these children are working together to maintain their home, adults and people of all ages should also be working together to create a sustainable environment that is safe for everyone.

It is hard to ignore the facts that climate change is happening. These children genuinely care about helping and their efforts are truly inspiring!

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