On the Other Side of the Border

With the increase of carbon emissions, the future of the world is being increasingly jeopardized. The world has been feeling the effects of global warming for quite some time now and man made green house gases have been a major contributor to the warming of the planet.


Just this last March, the United States broke 15,000 high temperature records nation wide.

Every state within the nation experienced at least one temperature record, and in 21 cases the temperature throughout the night was higher than the previous days recorded peak temperature.

With this lovely experience of warm weather in March, came an environment favorable for tornados and severe thunderstorms. The United States experienced 223 tornados reports in March, up from the annual average of 80 for the month. The majority of these tornadoes occurred in the large outbreak across the Ohio Valley and southeast, this resulted in 40 casualties and 1.5 billion dollars in damages and losses making in the first event in 2012 to exceed 1 billion dollars in damage and losses.

The ridiculously constant tornadoes were only the beginning for the USA, on march 9th a huge storm hit Hawaii, bringing with it a very rare site for the state, a tornado. The tornado hit Lanikai and Kailua bringing with it record breaking sized hail for the state. The fallen hail measuered 4 ¼ inches in diameter!

The video below shows the utter disbelief of shocked citizens of Hawaii

Many records were broken this march, records in which should act as warnings to the USA to start making a difference. It seems as though the earth is taking matters into its own hands. If the government wont listen to environmentalist they will be left with no choice but to see reality for themselves

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