Why Plant a Tree When You Can Plant a Forest?

I came across an inspiring article about a man who lives in India and he single-handedly planted a 1,360-acre forest.   He lived in isolation for 30 years and spent time planting and taking care of his plants.

I thought if ONE man could plant a whole forest… why can’t we all plant one tree?  There are so many benefits to planting trees, and there is lots of room on this planet for planting.

The average person emits 26 tonnes of CO2 per year. It only takes 6 Twenty-Five year old pine trees absorb 1 ton of CO2.  Urban street trees are the trees that you see growing on the boulevard walking down the street; these trees play a major role in the city.

They help lower urban air temperatures. Asphalt and concrete streets and parking lots are known to increase urban temperatures 3-7 degrees. These temperature increases significantly impact energy costs to homeowners and consumers. A properly shaded neighborhood, mostly from urban street trees, can reduce energy bills for a household from 15-35%. Trees in street proximity also absorb 9 times more pollutants than more distant trees, converting harmful gasses back into oxygen and other useful and natural gasses.

Urban trees also provide natural shelter from rain, sun, and heat. For light or moderate rains, pedestrians find less need for rain protection. In cities with good tree coverage there is less need for chemical sun blocking agents. Temperature differentials of 5-15 degrees are felt when walking under tree canopied streets.

Planting trees within our city help improve air quality as well as lower our carbon footprint.


Another great thing about planting them is that it is easy to do! Here is a link that explains how you can plant a tree in 12 easy steps.





It would be great if every other person in this world could take 30 years of their life to grow a new forest, but even if one 8th of the world population planted one single tree this year it would do amazing things for our Earth!



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