Taking Action to Reduce Poverty.

Do Canadian currency have a billion dollar as a Canadian bill?
Since I came to Canada from four years ago I never heard that; however, as I read if we do not take an action on climate change, that could happen to the Canadian currency and it would affect the winter scenes .

Climate change and poverty are becoming as two of the most crucial issues in Canada especially in the North for the Inuit. Because climate change affect almost all of the Inuit life, and housing is become the most important one I think.


Poverty and climate change working together and having an impact on the Inuit housing and their place’s infrastructure.

According to Citizen for Public Justice,  melting permafrost and shoreline erosion are making eventual relocation of entire communities a likely reality. Melting permafrost is also affecting the stability of existing structures and will ultimately change the requirements of home and infrastructure construction.

Also, the cost of bulding new house is considerably more expensive in North Canada because they do not have the material and goods to build new house, and the transportation’s cost is high, which prevent the Inuit to live in a safe and good life.

Finally, I would like to say that we all are RESPONSIBLE about climate change, and there are many ways that we ALL could do to help OUR environment, so we can live safely : )

Thank you ♥ 🙂


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