The Sum

Living in Southern Ontario I am privileged enough to see and experience 4 different seasons every year. Winter, spring, summer and fall all heavily influence my daily activities. In the winter time I am forced to shovel my driveway and take my dog on the chilliest walks. In the spring time I am able to see the snow melt and the flowers bloom. In summer I get to submerge myself in the waters of Sauble Beach. Last but not least, in the fall I am able to watch the colour of the leaves change from green to gorgeous reds and oranges. Although I am able to experience all of these wonderful seasons, they have begun to change. Winters in Canada have become shorter and warmer with less snowfall and even multiple instances of  “green” Christmas’. This weather change is due to the climate changing. This is not news to most people or anyone for that matter. Although people are aware of our changing climate it is hard to understand what exactly this means. It’s easy to just think the weather is getting warmer and that is that. Rarely do people think about the effects this will actually have on humans, animals and our planet as a hole.

Climate change can have an effect on our health and well-being. With the increase in temperatures there are direct health effects like increased cases of heat stroke and dehydration.  Air pollution can have a huge effect on our respiratory system and can cause increase the number of Canadian who suffer from asthma. With the change in weather conditions, natural disasters like hurricanes, floods and tornadoes, can become more severe and frequent which puts people more at risk to death, injury and property damage. The melting of ice caps creates a sea level rise which creates huge issues for the Canadian Aboriginals. Their homes, communities and lives are being destroyed due to the change in climate and warming of the Canadian North.

Although climate change isn’t anything new to Canadians, what is new is the ways in which we can influence our country to take part in reducing this climate change. Taking part in “Robocall Steve for Climate Change” showed me that if a group of people are dedicated enough we can help to raise awareness and influence Canadians to be concerned about our changing climate. I want to continue to educate people about how important it is to care for our environment. Every single individual helps to make a difference. Working together we can achieve great things, working together we as Canadians have the ability to stop the destruction of our planet.

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