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Malta – Sink or Swim; A Country in Crisis

By the year 2050, scientists believe that due to rapid climate change, the southern European country of Malta will be unbearably hot for tourists. Not only will climate change pose great threat on Malta’s climate and tourism sector, but also to … Continue reading

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Small Bug, Big Bite

In one of my GEO 1350 lectures, my professor touched upon the topic of climate change and how it relates to the mountain pine beetle in Canada. I decided to do some background research on this topic and came across … Continue reading

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Will Maple Syrup Disappear?

Centuries ago in Canada, when the snow still existed on the ground, early March marked the tradition of maple syrup season established by First Nation’s people. Today, Canada is responsible for producing about 85 percent of the world’s maple syrup, … Continue reading

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The Great Boreal Depression

Canada’s Boreal forest is the perfect definition of a ‘blue forest’. Its surface is comprised of endless rivers, lakes and wetlands.  The forest is one of the last intact forests remaining on earth. It is a fundamental source of benefits … Continue reading

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Human-Induced Climate Change

The rising temperature of earth’s atmosphere and oceans over the last hundred years has resulted in an uproar of controversy surrounding its environmental and economic concerns. From glaciers slowly melting, to our winters looking more like spring, and our lakes … Continue reading

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