Course Description and Outline

Course Description

Have you ever wondered how climate change is impacting Canadians and people around the world? Are you interested in learning more about climate change beyond media representation? Do you wonder what you can do to keep a ‘cool head’ on a ‘hot planet?’ This course will introduce students to the complexities of anthropogenic climate change by examining the biophysical, geographical, social, cultural, local, health, and political impacts from climate change, as well as emergent ethical and social justice issues. Particular focus will be given to examining the impacts and effects of climate change in Canada through case studies from Northern Canada, and by hearing and learning from the voices of Canadian Inuit. Students will also have the opportunity to simulate the United Nations Conference of the Parties climate change negotiations, as well as to create a class blog dedicated to sharing climate-change-related information and writings with the public. This course is an excellent introduction for students interested in learning more about climate change and to discovering Canada’s roles and responsibilities in an era of a rapidly changing climate.

Course Outline

Please click on the following link to download a pdf file of the course outline for this course: Cool Heads for a Hot Planet Course Outline W12

Class Pictures

The following pictures are from the first of four in-class climate change negotitations as part of this class.


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